WCA Vendors
6589 Member Offices
in 192 Countries in
787 Cities and
Ports worldwide

About WCA Vendors

The Vendors network provides a dual service, assisting current WCA general freight-forwarder members as well as specialist service providers, carriers, etc.

All members listed in WCA Vendors are bonafide WCA members and benefit from all WCA benefits, excluding the Gold Medallion coverage.

Non-freight forwarder Vendors such as IT / Software providers, airlines, airports, airline handlers, ocean carriers, ports, associations, equipment manufacturers and transport related service providers can apply to join WCA Vendors by clicking here. Upon approval a basic annual membership fee of US$ 5000 applies. Packages for branches and associated business activities are available subject to WCA review and approval.

If you are not an existing WCA member and wish to apply to be considered for membership of the network as a Vendor Member please contact info@wcavendors.com.