WCA Vendors
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in 192 Countries in
787 Cities and
Ports worldwide

Service Providers

WCA Vendors for Airlines and Air Carriers presents a unique opportunity to access the many thousands of freight forwarder members of WCA to promote products and services. Becoming a part of WCA Vendors not only opens the door to new opportunities but also reassures our members that the services provided are to our standards.

We have specialist listings for –

  • IT Service Providers
  • Ocean Carriers
  • Airlines
  • Air Charter Companies
  • Equipment Providers
  • Ports
  • Airports

If you are involved in the worldwide transportation arena but do not fall into the above categories please contact us on info@wcaworld.com

A huge amount of transportation business is obtained, booked and paid-for by general freight forwarders, many of them are WCA Members. They have the relationships with the shippers and consignees worldwide and have a varied choice of service provider to use. By being an accredited WCA vendor, listed on the official website and having visibility and access to all members, the vendor member narrows that choice – putting themselves at the forefront of selection.

Only listed MEMBERS of WCA are allowed to attend, meet and exhibit at the Annual Conference, the largest gathering of freight forwarders and service providers in the world. WCA Vendor members are part of this unique event.